by Jenelle Blanton~Wilcox

John Blanton 1760 - 1840

John Blanton was born about 1760-61, probably in Virginia, when the American Colonies were still under the British flag..  He was old enough to have served in the American Revolution at a young age, but proof of service has never been found to date.

John was a true pioneer as he followed his heart and his dreams and migrated westward, helping to forge the great American frontier. He moved along the westward expansion of our country from Tennessee to Alabama, to Arkansas and into the Republic of Texas.  He entered Red River County on July 12, 1836.  Two days later, on July 14, 1836, original MUSTER ROLLS prove he enlisted with Captain William Becknell's Company of MOUNTED VOLUNTEER RANGERS called the RED RIVER BLUES. John Blanton served as one of the first official Texas Ranger's as of 1836.The MUSTER ROLL shows his age as 75 years old.  The Company was discharged in October 1836.  On March 23, 1838 John recievd as a married man, one league and one labor of land for his participation in the Texas Revolution.

The name of his wife and mother of his children, has sadly been lost to history, she is referred to as Mrs. John Blanton.  The documented sons of John Blanton are:  Benjamin Blanton (murdered in Red River coun ty, Republic of Texas, by his brother-in-law, Mark DOSS); Elisha Blanton; David Blanton (m. Susannah Snow); Elijah Blanton.  according to family history Isaac Blanton may also have been a son.  There may have been others, but records have never been found.  

John died in November 1840 in Clarksville, Red River County, The Republic of Texas. His burial place in UNKNOWN, but he lives in the hearts and souls of his descendants.



DNA testing links John Blanton by blood to Virginia ancestors, Thomas and Jane McGuffy Blanton of the Tidewater Blanton's. 

On Saturday, June 21,  2014 in Clarksville, Red River County, Texas, JOHNS descendants and members of the Former Texas Rangers Association gathered for a solemn and reverent TEXAS RANGER MEMORIAL CROSS PROGRAM and placed a MEMORIAL HEADSTONE in honor of JOHN BLANTON ~ TEXAS RANGER (JOHN is NOT buried in this cemetery).  It is with deep gratitude to Brantley Foster and the Former Texas Rangers Association, Ronnie Yarborough and the Blanton Creek Cemetery Association and JOHN GALLE who made the memorial service possible.



 John was born under the British Flag, grew up under the AMERICAN Flag, died under the the flag of The Republic of Texas.